Tony is up and about

 Tony has recovered fully and has been allowed to leave his house once again. Tony is fit and strong and     eager to go to fulfill his engagement.

First thing first, Tony went to collect his revolver which he kept in a safe. He tested the revolver and make sure it works perfectly well. Next, Tony contacted his partner Maniam who at this time is in Singapore. They discussed the job that was assigned to them. They also discussed what's the best way to respond to their client's requests like their fees, time frame to get the job done etc.

To be continued..............

Tony is doing well

 Today is the fourth day Tony has been in isolation in his own house. His fever is normal and in fact, Tony   has recovered from Covid-19 infection. He would be able to leave his house on the tenth day if his PCR   test is negative.

Tony has, in the past 1 1/2 years has not been able to take on any assignment due to the pandemic. However, there is one job which is pending. He would be able to start his new assignment once he is able to fly, most probably using the Vaccinated Travel Lane. The job would take him to a foreign country which, at this juncture, would not reveal the destination and the nature of his job. However, news had leaked out that the job comes with a couple of millions in fees. It's going to be exciting and many would expect Tony to be rallying his team once again......

Tony has Covid-19!

 Tony has been diagnosed as having Covid-19. As his case is not serious, he has been ordered to quarantined himself at home for 10 days. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope he will be alright.I was told he had an assignment but it was put on hold until he recovers.

Tony and Covid-19

 Tony had a high fever and runny nose. It scares him to death as the first thing that came to his mind was  that he had been infected with Covid-19. Tony is currently being tested for Covid. Will update once more information is released.

Who is Tony and how I got to know him

I met a guy at a coffee shop recently. We shared a table as the place was packed. He was a rather clean cut guy and tough looking. He was rather friendly and I introduced myself to him. He returned the gesture. He wanted to be known as Tony. He must be around 45 years I guessed.
Tony as I found out was a retired policeman, yes a plain clothes detective. Tony's last rank in the police force was an Inspector. He told me he took the early retirement as he found his job very stressful. Today, Inspector Tony is a private investigator. His job scope covered from investigation from spouse cheating to fraud.
I found Tony to be an interesting person and so I let him do most of the talking and me most of the questioning. In fact, it should be the other way round as he was an investigator. But then I supposed he liked to talk to me because I was not the subject of his investigation nor the one who wrote his pay check.

Tony liked to talk about his job as a police inspector and private investigator (PI). He talked almost non stop about his adventure throughout the one hour I spent at his table. He was a heavy drinker I noticed,finishing almost 3 bottles of beer within that hour. Many times he had offered me beer but I stood firm and had black coffee instead.

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