Friday, June 22, 2018

Growing cherry tomatoes in Japan

Enjoying the healthy Japanese food

Eating natto a type of fermented soybean is good for the heart, bone and even helps in cancer prevention. It contains powerful probiotics. On the other hand, unfermented soy is not good for health because most are genetically modified (90% imported from USA). Natto is easily available in Japan and are inexpensive. Miso soup is another healthy food which the Japanese takes with their meals. It is known to contain powerful probiotics, contains anti-cancer effects, lower blood pressure etc.
Since staying in Japan and eating Japanese food, I have lowered my average BP of 130/80 to 120/80 which is considered good for a septuagenarian like myself.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Toyota Sienta car in Japan

We bought a Toyota Sienta 1.5 (6 seater) for S$32,000. The basic one without the extras cost about $27,000.
Without a car, it is very inconvenient to move around in Japan. The public transport is expensive. Taking taxi is expensive and the bus service is infrequent. We once took a 10 minute ride in a taxi and it cost us about S$20. Cars are inexpensive compared to Singapore. I understand the same car would have cost $110,000 in SG.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Life in Kitakyushu, Japan

I've been staying here for almost 3 months and I am enjoying it. Life is a little slower
as the population is about 900,000. The size of this city is slightly bigger than half the
size of SG which has a population of 5.9 million. Therefore, the people are more relaxed and
easy going. By and large, the Japanese are courteous and considerate people. They do not litter
the streets and nor horn their cars. They take pride in keeping their houses and even the
public toilets clean.There are lots of shops, restaurants, supermarkets etc. The quality of the
meat,vegetables, rice, eggs etc is excellent. Most of the food items are produced locally.
The weather is comfortable except for winter which to me is rather chilly.
The winter temperature ranges from 5c in the night to around 15c.
I've a one year visa to live here and it is renewable. I am allowed to work in any
part of Japan. It's very difficult to obtain PR let alone citizenship. Recently, the
Japanese government has allowed us to participate in the health insurance scheme.
I will have to pay 20% of my medical bills. The yearly premium for me and my wife is
about S$380 (combined). This is indeed very generous of the government
who has compassion for the people.

This is our brunch and dinner. I try not to eat outside food which is usually high in calories. Even in Japan if I eat in the restaurants, I would put on weight. I prefer my wife's cooking which is simple and nutritious.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Our home grown tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes are from our garden. We are so happy to have grown them. Besides enjoying the taste of these fresh tomatoes, we also enjoy seeing them growing and ripening. Yes, we may be "sua koo" because we do not have a garden or farm to grow fruits and vegetables in SG but over here the land is relatively cheap.
The above 2 meals that I had made me lose 600 gm of body weight. I am trying to lose more weight perhaps another 3 or 4 kg then I will be fitter.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Singaporean friends visited us

We had some friends from Singapore yesterday. They came by the bullet train from Kyoto. It was a good feeling to meet someone from my native country. They spent the afternoon with us and left in the evening.
The above was our dinner. We ordered the sushi online (S$120) for our dinner. The sashimi ($25) was from a supermarket. The potato salad was prepared by my wife.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I am trying to lose weight

My wife and her parents had Japanese lunch (above pic) in a restaurant yesterday. I did not join them as I wanted to lose some weight. I had a simple home prepared western breakfast (below) followed by a small plate of spaghetti. I refused to take snacks even as I watched the world cup matches in the night. I have eaten less outside food and have lost 3 kg in the last 3 days. I still take my daily 2 km walks when the weather permits. The weather is quite nice with the temperature ranging between 20c and 26c.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fishes in the River

This river near our place is filled with fishes. It's common to see them jumping up and down in the water. The photos I took showed that the fishes are quite big, perhaps about 1 to 2 kg. I managed to snap two photos of the fishes floating, presumably dead. The water is murky so I could not take pictures of the live ones. I think they are sea bass or as my blogger friend who is a fishing enthusiast in Singapore calls it "kim bak lo".
I wanted to buy fishing line with hooks etc but they are unavailable (I only know how to use hand line with reels). The fishing rods are very expensive in Japan. Next time when I come back here from Singapore, I will get the line, hooks etc and try to catch these fishes.

Visiting Munakata, Fukuoka Japan

We drove to the city of Munakata which is in the prefecture of Fukuoka , 26 km away. The population of Munakata is about 97,000 and the area is 14.5 times the size of Toa Payoh, Singapore. Toa Payoh has a population of 125,000.
Shopping is rather expensive and so we did not buy much things from Munakata. We had lunch over there.
On the way we stopped at a stall by the roadside. It was advertising a watermelon was going for about S$6. When got there, we were told the small ones (only 3 left) cost 500 Yen or $6 and the rest cost from 2,000 Yen to 6,000 Yen. Ridiculous, too expensive! and so we left without buying. Could have easily got the big ones at a supermarket for 1,000 Yen ($12).