Who is Tony and how I got to know him

I met a guy at a coffee shop recently. We shared a table as the place was packed. He was a rather clean cut guy and tough looking. He was rather friendly and I introduced myself to him. He returned the gesture. He wanted to be known as Tony. He must be around 45 years I guessed.
Tony as I found out was a retired policeman, yes a plain clothes detective. Tony's last rank in the police force was an Inspector. He told me he took the early retirement as he found his job very stressful. Today, Inspector Tony is a private investigator. His job scope covered from investigation from spouse cheating to fraud.
I found Tony to be an interesting person and so I let him do most of the talking and me most of the questioning. In fact, it should be the other way round as he was an investigator. But then I supposed he liked to talk to me because I was not the subject of his investigation nor the one who wrote his pay check.

Tony liked to talk about his job as a police inspector and private investigator (PI). He talked almost non stop about his adventure throughout the one hour I spent at his table. He was a heavy drinker I noticed,finishing almost 3 bottles of beer within that hour. Many times he had offered me beer but I stood firm and had black coffee instead.

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