Lim hired Tony..Part 1...Tony passed the test. (this story is dedicated to April)

Tony's mobile phone rang. It was listed as "unknown" and of course there was no phone number of the caller shown on Tony's phone. "Hello Tony here....who's that calling?" Tony answered.
"Sir, my name is Harry and I am calling on behalf of my boss Mr. Lim"...a voice on the other end was heard telling Tony. "Yes, Harry what can I do for ya?" Tony inquired.
"Tony, my boss wants to engage your service....can we meet at the BLU Bar Level 24, Tower Wing of Shangri-la hotel at 7pm tomorrow evening?"...." Will your boss Mr Lim be there?" asked Tony politely. " Yes Sir, just you, me and Mr Lim..." " Okay I will see you both tomorrow then" confirmed Tony.

Tony was at the BLU 10 minutes to 7 but there was no sign of Harry nor Lim. The place was a little quiet on this weekday evening except for a few Caucasians men and women drinking and chatting away, oblivious of Tony's presence.

Then, just a minute before 7, Tony's phone rang. It was listed as an "unknown" call. Tony answered the call and the already familiar voice of Harry's came on the line.
"Tony, we will be there in a minute or two, our apology for being a bit late.." Harry hurriedly told Tony.

At 7:10 pm, a burly, distinguished looking Chinese man of about 40 and a young tan and handsome tough man appeared at the entrance of BRU. The tan looking man looked as though he was  the Chinese man's bodyguard.

The tan looking man was Harry and he recognised Tony immediately. Harry had done his homework by studying and scrutinising anybody his boss wanted to hire.
The three shook hands and exchanged greetings.

Harry called for the bar waitress and ordered drinks for the three of them. Immediately after the drinks were served, Lim started to tell Tony about the reason for hiring him. Before Lim could explicitly explain the reason, Tony gestured to Lim not to continue. He wrote on the paper napkin of BLU, " This place is bugged don't say more". Lim and Harry nodded their heads, got up and moved away from the table. Harry gestured to Tony to leave the place.
They made their move and went outside the bar to talk. After some consideration, Lim invited Tony to his house which was a 3 minute drive from The Shangri-la to continue their business.

In his Jaguar, Lim told Harry he was truly impressed with Tony's sharpness and professionalism. "How on earth did he know that a bugging device was planted under the table at BLU?" Lim asked Harry. He, Harry did not reply to Lim's question. 

Before they met at BLU, Harry had recruited someone to plant the bugging device under
the table which they sat to test the Tony's acuteness and discernment. If Tony could tell that the place was bugged it goes to show that they had engaged a highly professional detective.
Tony passed the test with flying colour.

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