The Assassins : Pt 1 Murder at the dinner table. A story from Inspector Tony.

The family was about to say grace over dinner when two men burst into the house and sprayed bullets all over the dinning area taking along the lives of the family except Jake the 7 year old boy. Blood was splattered all over the dinning area and limbs were scattered on the floor. It was a horrible and unforgettable sight for a 7 year old boy. Jake was trembling with fear,too afraid to cry out for help. The neighbours heard the shooting and by the time they ran to the house to see what was happening, the 2 assassins scooted off in a high powered motorcycle.

It was almost 10 years ago  and Jake still remembered vividly the incident in which his father,mother and an older sister were shot dead. He had, all this time as he was growing up, tried to fathom the reasons for the murder of his family. Jake had asked his uncle,auntie and close relatives why was his family murdered in such a brutal fashion. He was even more puzzled as to why the killers spared his life. But no one had the answer.

Now at 17, Jake's curiosity and compulsion got the better of him. He must set out to find the reason or reasons for his family murder. He was recommended to retired Inspector Tony to help him find the answer and better still his family killers.

Tony sat quietly listening to the young Jake's recollection of that night murder. He jotted down some notes in his little black note book. Once a while Tony would fire questions at Jake , listened intently  and jotted down the answers.

After the interview with Jake, Tony announced to the teenager that he would take up the case. Jake was very please indeed and thank Tony without even discussing about Tony's fees.

BT: Jake's family left a huge estate worth $5 million for Jake. His uncle was the custodian and told Tony not to worry about his fees. A verbal promise of at least $1 million would be paid to Tony if he could bring Jake's murderer or murderers to justice.

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Incredible can't believe a steward can write this kind of detective story. Kudos to you my friend!