The Assassins : Pt 2 Finding the Killers

Tony contacted his associate Maniam,a Malaysian living in Ipoh and sought his assistance. Tony also alerted his Thai counterpart in Bangkok as the killers were tan looking and spoke a "funny"kind of language as told by Jake.
Tony sought the help of his ex colleagues in the police force especially the ones who handled the case. He went to the library archives and look for the case report which was in the press 10 years ago. He also contacted his underworld friends and asked them for help. One must remember Tony was a professional and had a wide network of friends and contacts.
In a matter of few days, Tony was able to established with almost 90% certainty that the 2 assassins who killed Jake's family were Thais.
Tony and Manian  flew to Bangkok Airport and met Klahan, a close associate. Klahan in Thai means courageous. Klahan was dark tan,well built,around 40 years old and stood at 1.8 meter tall. He was an ex gangster chief turned hired killer and private eye. Klahan spoke Malay,Mandarin,English besides his own language. He drove them in his almost new  Mercedes coupe 500 to an old walk-up apartment in  hot spot Patpong. There Klahan introduced Tony and Manian to Chai an illegal gun seller.
Tony and Manian chose the .44 S&W Special which was about the best in Chai's collection.  Equipped with the S&W Special, the three of them checked into a 5 star hotel in downtown Bangkok. There they instantly began discussing their plan to trace the person who was behind Jake's family murder.

One way to find out who was behind the murder was to look for the killers. The killers would most probably have direct dealing with the culprit...i.e. face to face. Under the circumstances, Tony and associates would go all out and look for the killers in Thailand. It's like looking for a needle in the haystack but it's possible to identify them if one was a professional and had a good network of contacts.

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