Lim hired Tony..Part 4..a springboard for assassination?

Tony, with the help of TG and Angel scanned the whole of Bintan and Sulawesi but couldn't find any sign of the hideout or place whereby Steve was kept. These two islands with their huge vast land of forest and thick vegetation made it difficult for Tony to locate and pinpoint the whereabouts of Steve and his captors.

By late evening, Lim received a phone call listed as "unknown". There was so much anxiety on Lim's part. Who could it be..? Lim wondered. Could it be Steve's captors? With all these questions, Lim answered the call. Yessss! the call was from a man calling himself "H". He claimed he had Steve in his custody.
"Listen carefully now, don't make any silly mistake or else your little boy will die"..H, in his stern no nonsense voice told Lim. "Yes sir, I will do whatever you tell me and please I beg you not to harm the boy"...Lim pleaded with Steve's captor.
"Do not report or attempt to report to the police what my demand is or about this phone call....alright Lim?" demanded H. "Yes I will obey your instruction"...Lim was heard telling H.

The demand made by H was simple. Lim and everyone or occupiers of his huge house had to vacate the place and hand over the keys of the gates and house to someone whom H would appoint in the days to come. There was no demand of ransom payment nor anything else.
Lim's place would be occupied by H or his representatives for a week. The handover of the place must be done in a manner that would not arouse any suspicion.
If Lim carried out the instruction to the letter, he would have his house back as well as his son. Otherwise, Steve would be killed.

Immediately after the call from H, Lim, used his other mobile and phoned Tony. They met at the nearby Shangri-la Hotel. Lim handed his mobile, the one that H called earlier on to Tony.
Tony took the phone and together drove to his office.

Earlier, much earlier on, Tony had given a custom made special mobile phone to Lim. He had also transferred Lim's SIM card to this particular phone. Now Tony is going to decode the conversation and locate where H had made the call from.

It did not take long for Tony to find out that H had made the call from Batam, an Indonesian island 20 km away from Singapore.
Tony instructed Angela and TG to use his spying satellite scanner to zoom in on  Batam for H's whereabouts. Perhaps, Steve was held in the same place.

Tony was puzzled as to why Steve's captor wanted to occupy Lim's place instead of asking for a ransom. Would Lim's place be used as a springboard to assassinate a foreign dignitary living next door or would it be used for some other sinister or criminal purposes?

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