Lim hired Tony.. part 2.Was it a case of revenge?

They arrived at Lim's sprawling house that had the ambiance of a castle in just under 4 minutes. It was situated at Nassim Road, the rich people's district 10 of Singapore.
Tony was invited into the formal living room which had six picture windows that span the entire room, a canopy ceiling and a hardwood floor. " Wow  I have never seen anything like this !" Tony exclaimed.

Harry served Tony and Lim each a drink of their choice. Harry had a glass of whisky. It was here that Lim explained to Tony why he was hired.

Lim's youngest son Steve had been abducted  two days ago after leaving his school by three men. The maid and a bodyguard who escorted Steve were knocked unconscious. The strange thing about the case, according to Lim was that he had not received any ransom demand for the release of his son. Perhaps, it was still early days, perhaps not, Lim told Tony.

Although the case was reported to the police, they could not find any trace of Steve nor his abductors. Why was Steve abducted and why was there no demand for ransom? 
The case puzzled an experienced former police inspector like Tony too.

Tony could not find any lead to work on. Was this a case of revenge on Lim or some sort, Tony asked himself ? The only thing Tony told Lim was to wait for Steve's abductors' phone call. Somehow, there would be some form of contact between the abductors and Lim in the next few days.

Tony left Lim's residence around midnight but not without asking Lim to notify him if the abductors were to contact him.

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