Inspector Tony's story "A conspiracy" pt 2

Tony traced Alice to the place she bought an express bus ticket to Ipoh, Malaysia. Tony booked a seat on the same bus too.
It was a long bus ride from Singapore to Ipoh. Tony occupied his time by watching the videos in the bus and dozing off occasionally. He was seated at the rear of the bus so he could watch Alice who was a few rows in front of him.
Once the bus reached Ipoh, someone was at the bus stop to pick Alice. So too was Maniam a 6 feet 4 black belt taekwondo expert (an associate of Tony's)there to pick Tony up in his car. Tony signalled Maniam to follow the car in which Alice was travelling.
It was not long before Alice arrived and checked into a hotel. Maniam booked a room for Tony, right opposite Alice's room from where they could spy on her.
Tony began setting up his spying equipments which included a high powered pair of binoculars, camera,eavesdropping device etc.....all pointing directly towards the room where Alice was staying be continued.....

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